Corporate sponsorship provides many benefits to the educational institution and the students. The obvious one is the financial one. The money provided allows the institution to buy the capital equipment necessary for the teaching and  execution of  the design projects. It provides the funds for student scholarships and in some cases an annual internship program.

There are additional benefits for the students educational experience. The students learn in depth the specific technologies related to the automobile industry used by the sponsor.

Sponsored projects provide interface with professional designers, engineers marketing people, all of the disciplines they will encounter in their professional life. To the students this adds a touch of realism which is a catalyst for getting the students best effort. At the same time, the students are being reviewed by professionals which if the student performs well, can enhance their chances of a future job.

Ford design executives; Andy Jacobsen, Pat Schiavone, Buck Mook plus VP Marketing of US Steel Peter Peterson review1993 American Iron and Steel sponsored project done by Jim Fleming.

Wayne Cherry exec. VP GM Design discusses with Bruno Conte his 1992 AISI project .