This remarkable design has been called a work of art by the great Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. It’s biomorphic form on both the exterior and interior with very idiosyncratic details is the work of one designer. Lahti’s very personal form vocabulary evolved during his student years at CCS (see his thesis project). Take note of the stand apart side protection tube, the exterior mirror brackets, the steering wheel spokes, all are unique design elements that pull together the overall composition. The form of the exterior relates strongly to the forms of the seats and door trim pads. The use of bright steel, teak and natural cowhide creates a warm rich environment. The design has had great influence on auto interior design.

Considered one of the great concept cars of all time, the Focus has more creative details and surface innovation than any other car. The edges and shutlines move with great fluidity and strengthen the overall composition. Details such as lamps, air scopes are totally original and have stimulated other designers to think more creatively. *( I’ve included this in the student work section because it is such a powerful expression of Biomorphic Form. It appears in the alumni section as well.)