This electric powered motorcycle contains many innovations. It has hub driven wheels each powered by an electric motor; the batteries are located low in the frame to lower the center of gravity; the driver sits in a depression to clean up the airflow over the bike, the crescent shaped air spoilers are adjustable and refine the airflow over and through the bike, the storage box behind the rider is shaped to reduce drag, the lamps are integrated into the mirrors to reduce drag, there is energy absorbing foam on the surfaces in front of the rider. It may be the most revolutionary bike design in history. This thesis  was done in 1994.

Designer:  Bruno Conte

Below are 3 designs from a 1996 Honda sponsored project taught by Bill Robinson. These 1/8 scale models were so well detailed that when photos were published people were asking where they could be bought. The individual designs ranged from biomorphic through constructivist.the class contained both transportation and product design students.

Designers:  Mark Micelli

Gabriel Rose

Chris Dotson