Designer:  Rick Clonce    1992

The above design illustrates Lines In Space very well. It shows lines on a surface as well as lines as edge and the transition of lines on a surface into a line as edge. Notice how the raised peak that surrounds the head light area moves along the body and becomes the leading edge of the air scoop. Not only is the transition from peak to edge interesting , the accented curve at the front forms a strong tensional relationship with the accented curve on the leading edge of the air scoop. Observe how the cowl line at the base of the windscreen continues to the rear of the car where it becomes the leading edge of the rear bumper. Observe how the the edge of the rollover bar grows out of the rear fender inner surface and swings into the cockpit where  it becomes the crash roll on the instrument panel. The bold use of accented curves on edges and peaks has resulted in a large number of strong tensional  relationships across the entire vehicle. It is an object demonstration of the value of lines in space to enhance an overall composition. Below are other examples of designs where edges move in space in dynamic ways to create exciting overall compositions.

Designer:  Karim Girodamania   1992                          Designer:  Aaron Lenhardt   1994

                                              Designer:   Wallace Preston   1993