Designer:   Matt Anchor


Maserati adopts shapes from the classic Maserati logo to create a house style.

Designer: Brad Gravunder 1995

Corvette in the Mitchell spirit ! Note the rear wheel ventilation slots and the form link on the trunk’s surface between the seat headrests and rear lamp.

Designer:  Geoff Garstecki


5th semester Pontiac theme development

Designer:   Dave Gillespie

1994          Toyota pickup features unpainted bumpers and fenders to save cost and weight.

Designer: John Song

1994      Exoskeletal primed structure with self color plastic body panels saves weight and money& is recyclable.

Designer:  Jay Yuzon

1995    Caddie SUV predates the current ‘Science and Art’ style theme used by Cadillac.

Maybe a strong influence on the current brand image,

Designer:    Ki Kwon

2000    Low Mass car done with the U. of Mich. engineering school students and faculty.

Designer:  Phil Mason


Positive & negative volumes approaching fine art, impractical but a tour de force in resolving 3-dimensional form.