The auto industry needs women. Paradoxically it is hard to interest women to enter the profession. However those that do are as capable in all skill areas as the men. To illustrate this, below are a selection of designs done by female CCS students, the quality speaks for itself. I hope this page might encourage talented young women to investigate a career in auto design.

Cecile Giroux    motorcycle proposals and red car below  1988

Designer: Chuu- Lih                       1988     

Designer: Therese Tant           1994

Small SUV with beautifully resolved surfaces and refined details such as the hood scoops.

Designer:   Judy Kim                          1998

Highly original solution for floating fenders results in almost fine art sculpture.

Designer:   Ulrike Kolb                                         1995

Designer:  Lilana  Nikprelivic


Designer:  Jessica Firek


See Firek page in Biomorphic form for more details.