TYPICAL INTERIOR PROJECT showing the development of the various components that make up a complete vehicle interior. It illustrates the complexity of resolving the aesthetics and ergonomics included in an interior. The drawings are a collage of green and beige Canson paper which permits the designer to achieve finished looking renderings with the minimum amount of work. The work presented here is about half the work done on the project.

Designer:   Jon Geaudreau   1996

3/4 full size Canson paper rendering for Jaguar XJS replacement  (note floating  instrument binnacle with Hi Tech instruments)   Designer:  Scott Graham   1992


Automotive interior design has long been a strength of the CCS Trans program and is a major reason why CCS students are hired in such large numbers. Auto companies want  versatile designers and there are many jobs available in automotive supplier companies such as Lear and Johnson Controls. They have fine design staffs that work integrally with manufacturers in house design teams. Interior design is also becoming increasingly important in customer purchasing decisions not only for aesthetic reasons but also because of the many new technologies that are included on the interiors of vehicles. The design of the interior can be much more complex than a vehicle’s exterior design because of the complex packaging problems of these  features.  There are safety issues, ergonomic issues, tactile responses and engineering and cost considerations. There is also the problem of model differentiation between base, sport, luxury etc. Importantly there is often more scope for innovation on the interior. The interior is increasingly the deciding factor to buy a particular vehicle, take for example stow away seats in Chrysler mini vans which boosted their sales in a very competitive market. The design of vehicle interiors is a very challenging and rewarding experience.

           Designer:  Ralph Gilles   Thesis Full Size Mock up  1992

Designer: Chris Benjamin   1999                                      Designer:   Gregg Howell    1998

                                                                                Designer:  John Norman   1994

Designer:Rick Doughty   1998

                                                                               Designer:  Marc Mainville     1996



Designer:  Jeff Renaud  1987                                Designer: Steve Moneypenny   1999