The MK-R was introduced at the 2007 NAIAS in Detroit. It is a concept car that introduced the next production theme of the Lincoln brand. The designers have gone for elegance rather than a radical new aesthetic. The surface development of the side and rear faces is particularly refined. The greenhouse is relatively shallow, probably influenced by the Chrysler 300’s proportions. The rear quarter panel and DLO are very graceful while at the same time giving a dynamic thrust. The design theme of the front end,in contrast, is very bold and gives the car a powerful, aggressive presence. The split grill theme is a reinterpretation of the 1937 Lincoln’s with their very pronounced roll off on the leading edge of the hood.


exterior -

Pat Schiavone

Gordon Platto


Jason Baldas

Notice how wood has been used as an element to integrate the overall interior space by it’s use on the instrument panel,center console, door caps and rear parcel shelf. The chrome trim compliments the wood in creating spacial unity.The arm rest seem to float in space above the negative volume on the door trim panel, the simplicity of the soft trim suggest haute couture quality. a good example of “less is more”.